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Jane Sixsmith ホッケーイギリス代表

I tried various different sports as a child and thoroughly enjoyed them all. I didn’t realize it at the time but this gave me strong basic movement skills, which helped me to develop as an international in hokey when I started to specialized in sport at the age of fifteen.

Jane Sixsmith

Jordan Spieth プロゴルファー

Until I was 12 or 13, I played more baseball than I did golf. I played also football, basketball and soccer. As a result, I learned how to be a teammate, learned how to fall in love with golf as a athlete who plays golf versus a golfer who tries to be an athlete.

Jordan Spieth

Dabo Swinney カレッジアメリカンフットボールコーチ

I just think that the cross-training, the different types of caoching, the different types of locker rooms, the different enironments that you practice in, the different challenges — I think it developes a much more competitive, well-rounded type person.

Dabo Swinney

John Savage カレッジベースボールコーチ

We are always looking for two-sport guys. They just appear to be able to adapt to situations a little quicker. The toughness they can bring is always a boost to the team concept. We’ve had some really good high school footbal/baseball players in our program.

John Savage

大山加奈 バレーボール選手