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Mike Krzyzewski カレッジバスケットボールコーチ

Specializing can obscure other talents. I recommend until kids get to high school, and sometimes even in high school, it’s good to play a couple of sports. If you start too early, you’re assuming that’s where the talent is, and that’s a bad assumption.

-Mike Krzyzewski
Duke University Men’s Basketball HC

Muffett McGrew カレッジバスケットボールコーチ

I don’t know if kids have changed. It’s the parents who have changed.
(中略)You don’t have to pick one sport when you’re 10 or 12 years old.

-Muffett McGrew
Norte Dame Women’s Basketball HC

Dabo Swinney カレッジフットボールコーチ

J.J. Watt  NFLプレイヤー

Single-sport specialization amongst youth today is troubling. Let kids be kids. They’ll become better all-around athletes & have more fun.

-J.J. Watt
NFL Houston Texans

Lenny DiNardo 元MLB投手

My advice to parents is if a coach tries to tell your kid to specialize early, walk right out the door. Coaches should be encouraging kids to be well rounded.

-Lenny DiNardo
元MLB投手(Boston Redsox等)